About us

ITW consists of experts and experienced staff in supplying oil and gas and petrochemical requirements ranging from mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installation to full system integrity.
With over forty years of experience, we have been committed to provide our customers a wide range of products of a high quality and competitive prices in order to meet their full satisfaction.
For more than four decades, the Company has an excellent reputation and cooperating with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

We are proud of business with so many companies all around the world and preparing them with the services of oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, construction material and other services as well.

ITW could go far beyond the borders, to prepare its customers’ requirements with no limitation.

“ITW is dedicated to bridging gaps between the manufacturer and end user by distributing and selling top quality spare parts, procuring Materials and Oil & Gas products through various efficient and speedy channels with integrity and accountability.”

Main goals

Excellent Customer Service:

  • We believe that in order to retain and develop customer base it has to be followed by unparalleled service right from the first point of contact till the successful completion of the project.

Trust & Integrity:

  • With close to four decades of experience in the industry, we thrive and take pride in our customers and suppliers alike who have taken ITW into their inner circle of trust over the years. We also make sure that all of our ITW employees conduct themselves with utmost integrity and dignity in knowing that they are amongst the few trading companies that strive to make a difference within the industry and otherwise.


  • ITW's pillar is its promise to deliver quality in terms of goods and service and never to compromise on it at any cost. Quality is an integral part of all of our processes including audit, documentation, procurement and logistics.

Social Responsibility:

  • ITW also believes in giving back to the community. As one of the sponsors and participants for the “Unity in Diversity- Bridging Cultures, Building Peace & Development” in association with United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the Global Dialogue Foundation acknowledging the need for a global community that embraces all races, religion, nationality cast etc.